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Fall in Love Over and Over… in a Relationship where the Love Runs Deep… and the Passion stays Hot

You’re About to Learn What Most People Will Never Realize about How to Have a Life Filled with Passion & Love.


Here’s to having a healthy, hot and happy relationship where you create deeper, more intimate connection, and enjoy more amazing sex right now.



In love, light, and ecstasy,

Joanna Kennedy
Passion & Intimacy Expert

What Clients are Saying…

Greg Moores, Creator of the Heart Virtues Program says… “I’m all about virtues and when you can present sexual healing in a virtuous professional environment… it’s very difficult to do…  I told Joanna after the workshop, this is the single most powerful 3 days I’ve ever seen in a workshop…and I do some pretty powerful workshops myself…”

“I am so amazed at the transformation that I have been experiencing over the last few weeks. I feel like a completely different person! I have such a different outlook on my life, and it looks a lot better now that “the lights are on.” Thank you so much for initiating this positive change.” ~ Bristol, Doctoral Candidate

“Joanna Kennedy is persistence wrapped in silk! Her open, accepting, and loving way of facilitating deep inner work will have you ascending levels of personal knowledge and happiness in every session. Her ability to stay in the moment allows for a magical session that will take you as deep as you are willing to go…” ~ William


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